CEREC Connect Advance

sirona connectr Cerec AC UnitCADpro™ Dental’s team of engineers have worked diligently in developing a streamlined process to ensure you get the absolute most out of your CEREC system. Whereas the CEREC doctor may appear limited in the types of restorations he can make in-house with his intra-oral scanner,  CADpro™ Dental can use the same scan to make a wide variety of advanced dental restorations. The design possibilities are endless and include such options as long-term  CADpro™ Temp provisionals, large-span implant bridges, full-contour zirconia bridges ( CADpro™ ProZir), custom trays, and even occlusal splints. Unlock the full potential of your CEREC scanning unit with  CADpro™ Dental’s help today!