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CADpro™ Crystasis Retainers

Our CADpro™ Crystasis Retainers are prescribed to patients following completion of orthodontic treatment to retain their teeth in their new desired position. They are fabricated using digital technology. This means the files can be saved indefinitely, so if your patients ever lose or damage their retainers, a replacement set CADpro™ Crystasis Retainers can be made and shipped out next day to you with no need to reappoint the patient for new impressions.
CADpro™ Crystasis Retainers are made using clear, biocompatible, BPA-free copolyester resin which is custom thermoformed for ideal fit and retention. Varying material thicknesses can be prescribed, and CADpro™ Crystasis are manufactured with 3 retainers per arch so that the patient always has a spare available to them.
The Benefits of CADpro™ Crystasis Retainers:
  • Clear, biocompatible, and BPA-free
  • Set of 3 retainers decreases odds of patient being without an appliance
  • Saved digital file design allows for stress-free replacement orders
Information on CADpro™ Crystasis Retainers
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