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CADpro™ DEFENSE Mouthgaurds

CADpro™ DEFENSE, Jurim’s sports mouthguards, offer excellent protection from dental trauma for every level of athlete. Compared to over-the-counter mouth guards molded at home, CADpro™ DEFENSE mouthguards are custom thermoformed to provide a better, more comfortable fit which in turn increases wear compliance which is key to preventing trauma. Additionally, CADpro™ DEFENSE mouthguards have a consistent occlusal thickness of 3-5mm ensuring an adequate cushioning effect in the event of an accident.
The Benefits of CADpro™ DEFENSE Mouthguards:
  • Protection from potential dental trauma during sporting activities
  • Better, more comfortable fit increases wear compliance
  • Consistent occlusal thickness offers increased protection
  • Customization option highlighting team logos and colors
Information on CADpro™ DEFENSE Mouthguards
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