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CADpro™ Zirconia

CADpro™ Zirconia Pricing:

CADpro™ MonoZr Inlays/Onlays starting at $135.00
CADpro™ MonoZr Crowns starting at $135.00
CADpro™ MonoZr Screw-Retained Implant Crowns starting at $226.0

As a restorative material, zirconium dioxide must demonstrate both high translucency and coloring similar to that of natural dentition in order for it to be successfully used. CADpro™ Dental is committed to using the highest quality, medical grade zirconias which combine the excellent flexural strength expected of zirconium dioxide with the aesthetics of natural tooth shades, reproducing all of the classical A-D and bleach shades- 26 shade options in total!
In addition to being a Bruxir® certified laboratory, CADpro™ Dental offers a number of other custom Zirconia restorations under our CADpro™ MonoZr line of services.

*BruxZir® is a registered trademark of Glidewell Laboratories.
* Zirkonzahn® is not a registered trademark of CADpro Dental.

The Benefits of CADpro™ Zirconia:
  • The precision and accuracy of CAD/CAM digital technology
  • Biocompatible zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)
  • High strength (1400 MPa) restorations with extensive clinical evidence from long-term scientific studies
  • Indicated for Zeneers™, monolithic Inlays/Onlays/Crowns, large-span Bridges and Frameworks up to 14 units, and Custom Implant Abutments
  • Multiple shades of varying translucency along with Zirkonzahn® shading technique allow for monolithic restorations with optimal aesthetics
Information on
CADpro™ Zirconia
CADpro™ MonoZr is our monolithic zirconia restorative solution. Indicated for inlays, onlays, crowns, and screw-retained implant crowns, CADpro™ MonoZr is the ideal alternative to BruxZir® because it provides enhanced lifelike beauty with the benefit of fracture-resistant durability.
Our CADpro™ MonoZr+ allows the clinician to provide patients with the strongest restoration possible in areas where aesthetics needs to be maximized. This restoration features a facial cutback layered with aesthetic e.max Ceram porcelain, with the lingual and all contacts and excursive paths left in zirconia to maximize strength.
Our CADpro™ Layered Zr crown is the perfect aesthetic alternative to traditional PFM restorations. This crown features a zirconia coping designed with high marginal precision and accuracy onto which aesthetic  e.max Ceram porcelain is built. Our master ceramists will match the final restoration to any desired shade so the end results blends seamless with the patient’s natural dentition.
Our proprietary Zeneer™ is the world’s first zirconia veneer! The CADpro™ Zeneer™ is a thin zirconia veneer fabricated using CAD/CAM technology onto which lifelike porcelain is built to match any desired shade. Indicated for patients with dark stump shades that need to be blocked out and for patients who are severe bruxers, the Zeneer™ offers optimal strength and beauty for challenging cosmetic cases.
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