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CADpro™ Occlusal Splints

Whether prescribed to maintain a beautiful newly restored dentition or to prevent further destruction of healthy existing dentition, CADpro™ Occlusal Guards are a critical step in treatment for many patients. We use Glidewell’s Comfort H/S™ Hard Soft Bite Splint material to ensure optimal fit and protection with maximal comfort. The soft interior molds comfortably to the patients tissues while the hard exterior provides strength and can be easily added to for customization.
CADpro™ Occlusal Guards are made using digital technology, such that the digital files of the master model can be saved indefinitely allowing for easy replacement of the appliance without having to reappoint the patient for new impressions.
The Benefits of CADpro™ Occlusal Splints:
  • Hard/Soft Design maximizes comfort and protection
  • Saved digital file allows for stress-free replacement orders
Information on CADpro™ Occlusal Splints
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