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CADpro™ ProZir

CADpro™ ProZir gives your patients back the quality of life they expect and deserve. With this innovative restorative treatment option, patients with failing dentition can affordably restore their mouth with a fixed, durable, and highly aesthetic restoration. The CADpro™ ProZir bridge is very low maintenance but incredibly lifelike, increasing your treatment outcome success while maximizing patient satisfaction.
The CADpro™ ProZir is a full contour zirconia bridge, up to 14 units in length, supported by 4-6 implants. This design is far superior to traditional older hybrid restorations because it eliminates failures due to debonding, chipping, and fractures. And because CADpro™ ProZir is fabricated using CAD/CAM technologies, the lab fee for this service is far less than that of other fixed full mouth implant restorations. By passing these savings onto your patient, the CADpro™ ProZir is the most affordable and strongest fixed treatment option available to patients to date.
The Benefits of CADpro™ ProZir:
  • The precision and accuracy of CAD/CAM digital technology
  • Compatible with most major implant systems
  • Full contour zirconia design eliminates failures due to chipping and fracture
  • Multiple shades of varying translucency along with custom shading technique allows for lifelike restorations with optimal aesthetics
  • One simple lab fee includes all components for up to 6 implants, CADpro™ verification bridge, and finished full contour zirconia screw-retained bridge
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