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CADpro™ Temps

CADpro™ Temps are CADpro Dental’s proprietary lab-processed provisionals made using CAD/CAM technology from industrially produced PMMA. CADpro™ Temps allow for an entirely digital workflow, cutting down lab cost and time. Send us a digital impression or conventional impression, and using our specialized scanners and softwares, we can create a virtual wax-up from which we can then mill a set of aesthetic and durable CADpro™ Temps for you.

CADpro™ Temps can be made for virtually any type of restorative plan. Whether it’s a highly demanding comprehensive aesthetic makeover involving veneers or a quadrant of crowns, CADpro™ Temps provide strength and beauty for all situations. CADpro™ Temps are also ideal for implant cases, as they provide a comfortable and inexpensive fixed alternative to long-term provisionalization compared with ill-fitting flippers that apply unwanted pressure to the underlying ridge.

Another added benefit to CADpro™ Temps is the digital design file is saved indefinitely so it can also be used to fabricate prosthetically driven implant surgical guides and can be used to aid in the design of the final restoration.

The Benefits of CADpro™ Temps:
  • CAD/CAM precision
  • High strength, biocompatible industrially produced PMMA
  • Ideal for long-term provisionalization
  • Fixed provisional alternative to ill-fitting & undesirable flippers
  • Inexpensive and faster production turnaround time
  • Effortless duplication with saved digital design file
  • Custom stained and finished for unparalleled aesthetics
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